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Rally for 23 Million

Join us for a nonpartisan rally speaking out against Congress for attempting to steal healthcare away from 23 million Americans – our families, our neighbors, ourselves. The 23 million are workers, retirees, veterans, people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, children, women, anyone with the audacity to have an emergency, and possibly you.  We’ll hear from people…
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Thank you Governor Cooper!

Great news! Governor Cooper has signed the letter of intent to keep North Carolina in the Paris Climate Agreement. This is HUGE! Please convey your appreciation by writing him a letter at his website. Additionally, Mayor Manheimer has committed Asheville to remain in it as well. Write her a thank you note to let her know…
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Important WNC Town Hall on Immigration

We need your support at “The Immigration Impact” Town Hall hosted by WLOS. Wednesday, June 14 @ The WNC Ag Center from 7:30 to 8:30 PM. Our friends, Attorney George Pappas and Marisol Jimenez will be on the panel speaking for the immigrant community, and we know they will do a wonderful job!  WLOS has…
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Call Senators to Protect CFPB’s Prepaid Card Rule

TAKE ACTION NOW! Call Senators Tillis & Burr to Protect CFPB’s Prepaid Card Rule The prepaid card rule protects consumers that use prepaid cards to conduct everyday financial transactions. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) ensures that consumers who use prepaid accounts have basic fraud protections against unaffordable overdraft fees and hidden fees. The Rule…
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Tell the FCC not to kill Net Neutrality

FCC Chair Ajit Pai - a former Verizon lawyer - is about to let his corporate Internet pals roll out "fast lanes" for sites & apps that pay, and slow everything else to a crawl. Giant monopolies could control the Internet, forever. To stop him, we have to flood the FCC with comments.
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Keep Calling Against New Version of Healthcare Bill

Despite overwhelming opposition and a failed attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), House Republicans are now working to get enough votes to pass Trumpcare with an amendment – the MacArthur/Meadows Amendment, co-sponsored by our own District 11 Representative Mark Meadows – that makes a bad bill even worse. If passed, the MacArthur/Meadows version…
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